Monday, 8 September 2008

A visit to our Nan's

Last Monday we set off for Yorkshire to visit our Nan.
We did a big walk on Monday afternoon around a reservoir with Cindy our Nan's Yorkie.

On Tuesday we went to visit Nan's brother (think he's our great uncle) who lives at Bridlington.

We had lots of long runs on the beach.

We posed for a holiday photo.

Then we went to the moors, we wanted to play with the sheep, but mum wouldn't let us, Mum's no fun!

Walking with dad over a stream.

We hurried back quick on our own cos we were worried mum was chasing the sheep.

We had to pose again for another photo, this time with Mum.

Then we all got into the motor to go back to Nan's.

Sunday, 31 August 2008

A day at Evesham Dogs Trust

We've been out all day at the Evesham Dogs Trust open day, there was all sorts of things to see and do, loads of lovely stalls selling yummy scrummy treats, classes to enter and other things to do too. Sue Barker had just come back from the Olympics to open the show, and Wellard (from Eastenders) was there too, so all you Eastenders fans, he (well he's a she really) didn't die.

Sally: I entered a 'dog dash' competition and I did it in 10 seconds

Jasper: What sillySally has ommited to tell you is that she stopped halfway (after she'd heard Neil, mum's son-in-law shout 'come on Sal') ran back a few strides then continued so they kindly knocked 2 seconds off her time, she really took 12 seconds. Hmmm, next it was my turn and I did it in 8.15 seconds.

Sally: Well you've got longer legs than me!

Jasper: then I did the agility course in 35.02 seconds, with no faults, Sally didn't want to do that cos she knew I'd show her up.

Sally: That's not right, I was preparing myself for another attempt at the 'dog dash' I did it in 5.45 seconds this time.

Jasper: I entered the most Handsome dog, but there were lots of very handsome dogs, so I didn't win anything, then Sally entered for the pretiest bitch, but she didn't win either, but our mum thinks we're the best anyway, so it doesn't matter.
I then entered the 'most appealing eyes', the judge liked me so I got a white rossette with 5th on.

Sally: Huh! all you had to do was look at the judge and flutter your white eye lashes, my next class was far harder, it was the 'most obedient past distractions', I had to walk past loads, like toys and bowls with food in and bags that rustled, I was a very good girl and got a yellow 3rd rossette.

We had a great day, there were loads and loads and loads of dogs with their mums and dads, and all the money from everything we entered went to the Dogs Trust, so we were helping other not so lucky dogs.

We are both really tired now so are going to have a good rest.

Monday, 25 August 2008

A day in the Cotswolds

Our mum is quite odd, well we think so anyway.

A long time ago Harry posed on a wall in the Cotswolds for a photoshoot and since that day mum called that wall 'Harry's wall'.

When I came to live here I had to go to the wall and have my photo taken with Harry, on HIS wall.

Well yesterday it was Jasper's turn to visit.....................yes, 'Harry's wall' and have his picture there too, is it going to be Harry's wall forever and ever, mum say's it will ALWAYS be Harry's wall.
but I think it should be MY wall now ........................ Sally's Wall, yes, I'm going to call it Sally's wall from now on.

We did get a nice walk out of it though.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Harry bad dog

After reading about Pippa's bin emptying antics, Mum told us about the things Harry used to do when he came to live with her.

One day when she went out she set the camcorder up to capture him on video and she showed us it yesterday, we thought you might like to see it. We've never been naughty like this, and don't any of you get any ideas from it either.

S & J

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Little Sal has an op

Hi everyone, it's Jasper here, just letting you all know that little Sal had a small op yesterday, to remove a lump from one of her nipples, Our vet wasn't too worried about it but said it was best taken away, just in case, anyway although it was harder than the usual type, it turned out to be just a fatty lump. She's feeling very sorry for herself at the moment, and milking mum for cuddles and hugs.

Monday, 11 August 2008

Welcome Jasper

My peeps were very very sad when Harry left for Rainbow Bridge in May, my mum lost her very bestest friend, and she cried and cried lots, I tried to comfort her but I was very sad too cos Harry gave me confidence, and I was scared without him.
Mum knew Harry wouldn't want us to be sad as he was always happy, and he'd be proud of her if she gave another lost soul the chance he'd had, so she started looking at rescue centres on the internet.
One day she saw Jasper's information, he'd been looking for a forever home for 16 months, nobody wanted him because he was BIG, middle aged, and came with an 'agressive' tag. When we went to see him he looked like a big teddy bear, I liked him (which mum said was the main thing), and the people at the Dogs Trust said they'd seen no agression in him in all the 16 months he'd been there, so after the formal paperwork etc. we adopted him a week later.
He is a very good 'brother' to me and is helping us all cope without our beloved Harry.
This is me with my dadpeep and Jasper bigdog